Our Mission:




 Reballing Genius LLC is the first specialized company that performs the Reballing procedure which is required for BGA packages repair and PS3specialist.com is the online service website of Reballing Genius LLC. After selling services for about ten years on eBay, we have repaired thousands of PS3, PS4, and MacBook for eBay users but now we offer our services only at our website (we no longer offer repair services on eBay). 


 Our company’s mission is to fulfill the huge demand of consumer needs, game shops, computer repair shops and repair companies for a professional specialized repair or reballing service. We are here to help anyone in need for any of our services including the end users of any computer name or model, game consoles, cell phones, etc. We also work with other repair centers who don’t perform this kind of specialty repairs that we provide.


What is Reballing?


PS3 specialist uses the advanced reballing technique that is compatible with most of modern day electronic devices which use BGA technology and thus require BGA packages repair. The process of reballing is a remanufacturing process and uses very advanced computerized machines and high end equipment. Most of modern day technology with BGA technology uses a single onboard chip to perform multiple tasks such as the processor, graphics chip, memory chip, SouthBridge chip, sound chip, HDMI controller chip, etc. In the electronic device all these chips are soldered to the electronic board through hundreds of soldering points located between the chip and the motherboard.When one of these chips fail, the electronic board malfunctions and the only way to fix it would be to remove the failed chip and replace/fix and reattach it again. Additionally, we specialize in replacing onboard ICs or any other failing components like capacitors or voltage regulators or any other electronic components ranging in size from 0.5 mm - 70mm with any ports such as video port, charging port, DC jack, all with no hand soldering. 


Process of Reballing:


  • Removing failed BGA package chip from logic board

  • Completely removing old solder from logic board to bring it back to its original super clean factory condition

  • Rebuilding removed BGA chip or replacing it and re-soldering new or rebuild BGA chip back the same way it is done at factory where it was manufactured. 


This process brings logic board back to its original factory condition at its manufacturing date which means that it will be as good as a new logic board and because of that we are able to provide a long term warranty for the repaired BGA component.