Dear Customers,


As a repair business we greatly depend on materials, parts, machines, and supplies which ship mainly from China, and due to the current Coronavirus the shipment from those factories takes longer than usual.


We are doing our utmost best to fulfill our repair orders from the supplies we currently have in hand, however when we get to the point that a certain repair service can not be performed due to a certain product that we need and is not available on hand, we will update the item/service as out of stock due to shortage of supplies.


Due to the pandemic, we have noticed an increase in repair orders and that is clearly because our customers and clients are trying to prepare for a situation that can force them to stay home for long periods of time. Game consoles, computers, and tablets are very important - however, that puts our business at a higher speed of running out of supplies. We are doing our best to complete and fulfill every order as soon as possible. At this time our priority will be to fulfill the repair orders that comes with the rush service addition, and after that it is first come first serve.


We appreciate your trust in putting your tech in our hands. We hope that our customers understand these unusual circumstances and be prepared for some delays, if it ever happens. Please understand that it is not our intention. All we can promise is to do our best to fulfill our orders timely and to the best of our ability and the quality we are known for.


Shipping Update: Due to current stay at home orders in California & the high risk of infection we ship only twice a week, Tuesdays & Fridays until further notice.


We are still operating at full capacity and are using this time to catch up with all the late orders so a lot of our customers will have their orders fulfilled in the very next few days as we work very hard to get everyone their device back.


Please stay safe and unharmed during this times.



PS3 Specialist