OUR COMPANY : Reballing Genius LLC ( BUREAU OF ELECTRONICS AND APPLIANCES REPAIR LICENSE NO: E-90754 ) is the first specialized company in Reballing procedure that is required for BGA packages repair. Every kind of electronic devices nowaday uses the BGA technology that uses a single onboard chip to perform multiple tasks , an example of BGA package is the Processor , the graphics chip , the memory chip , the SouthBridge chip , the sound chip , the HDMI controller chip ....etc. so all these chips are soldered to the electronic board through hundreds of soldering points located between the chip and the motherboard, when any of these chips fails the electronic board disfunction and the only way to fix it would be removing the failing chip and replacing or fixing it and reattach it again and that is the process of reballing.  We also specialized in replacing onboard ICs or any other failing components like capacitors or voltage regulators or any other electronic components rang in size from 0.5mm to 70mm along with any ports like a video port , a charging port or a DC jack, all with no hand soldering.

OUR Mission:   PS3specialist.com is the online service website of Reballing Genius LLC.  Our company's mission is to fulfill the huge demand of consumers, Game shops, Computer repair shops and repair companies for a professional specialized repair service of BGA packages and chips built in high priced logic boards by a super advanced repair technique called REBALLING which is a remanufacturing process of the failing part of the logic board due to a failing solder or a failing BGA component using a very advanced computerized machines and high end equipment.  

      We also cover the demand on replacing certain damaged ports or connectors in any logic board such as the charging port of any tablet or cellphone that requires advanced soldering machines or a HDMI port on any video device logic board or a USB port or DC jack on any kind of computer or laptop motherboard. All these kind of services are performed by our computerized soldering machines and no hand soldering is involved so the soldering quality is the same manufacturer soldering quality. 

      Also we want to help consumers with damaged CPU socket on valuable computer motherboards save their investments by replacing the damaged CPU socket and bring their valuable motherboards back to life.

Reballing is the process of removing a failed BGA package chip from a logic board , completely removing the old solder from the logic board to bring it back to its original super clean factory condition and then rebuilding the removed BGA chip or replacing it and re-soldering the new or rebuild BGA chip back the same way it is done at the factory where it was manufactured. This process brings the logic board back to its original factory condition at its manufacturing date which means it will be as good as a new logic board and because of that we are able to provide a long term warranty for the repaired BGA component.

Examples of electronic devices that always require reballing is PlayStation3 and PlayStation 4 game consoles , Xbox360 and Xbox one game consoles , Laptop computers all brands and models, MacBook Pro and iMac Computers and their graphics cards, Computer Monitors and TV t-con boards , Stand Alone Graphics cards, Desktop motherboards....etc.

Our clients: We are here to help anyone in need for any of our services including the end users of any computer name or model, Game consoles , tablets , cell phones ..etc. We also help Game stores and computer repair shops that need our services to help their own clients and they can get access to our bulk rates. We also work with many other repair centers that don't perform this kind of specialty repairs that we provide. We welcome to help our clients domestic and international , we supply a specialty repairs that is not available in a lot of countries and we want to help people in need for our services from all over the world and we always do. We were a very famous seller on eBay for about ten years , we repaired thousands of PS3, PS4 and MacBook for eBay users but we now offer our services only at our website ( We are no longer offer repair services on eBay ).