Is Reballing a Scam ?!!

We heard from our customers that there are people on the PS3 blogs saying that reballing is a scam, of course our customers specially the ones that brought their consoles in themselves and watched the Reballing process themselves are trying to argue with the people who are saying that and tell them how good the repair process was but we want to clarify some facts.

Well, let us start by saying we don't consider any repair other than reballing a real repair, Reballing is the only procedure that allows us to actually expose the real cause of the failure and be able to fix it. Reflow on the other hand is a blind repair, people who use that reflow process don't really know where the problem is, they don't see it and all they do is taking chances, if they are lucky it works and they are not it will not work. Even when reflow works it is a very temporary repair that doesn't last, either way it causes a damage that is not easy to reverse. By adding flux and heating the chips they actually mixing flux with dust and make an isolation layer that makes even reballing after that much harder and success rate would be lower that if they don't kill the chips that they heat up using unregulated and unmeasured heating tools like a paint remover heat gun that hey all use.

So why some people think Reballing is a scam?! 

   Well, because they got scammed by some repair shops who claimed to do reballing and they did nothing more than a reflow. Even the people who were lucky and their consoles were actually reballed the reballing did not last as long as they expected it to last so instead of blaming the place that did the rebelling they are blaming the process.

I will explain more, Rebelling is a very advanced procedure that requires special machines , special skills , very clean environment, very professional materials and the most important factor is a very accurate thermal profile. These are the factors that control the success of the reballing process and how long a repair using reballing will last.

The Reality is all these factors are different from one place to another , we are not all using the same machines, we are not all using the same thermal profile, we are not all using the same materials and we are not all having the same skills, that simply means that the results is not the same, the quality vary from one place to another. One place can do a reballing that would last for years while the other would do a reballing that will only last for days or weeks. 

So what is your role as a customer that want your console or your computer repaired properly and last ? You need to do your homework and choose a place that is reputable , has a long term warranty and have done a lot of repairs with a high success rate and if that place offers that they would do a reballing for your device while you watch then you got the perfect place that you should choose. Read the reviews, the service explanation , watch video and pictures of the process and if you feel comfortable then your console will be in good hands.

The reballing process is not a scam but there are scammers that claim to do reballing when they only do a reflow and there are other kind of scammers that do poor quality reballing that doesn't last . Reballing is actually how all the devices are made from first place so without reballing no device would be made. Reballing is also a specialty repair that is in fact harder than the initial manufacturing process of a new device and it needs a very special skills and if it was an easy repair process you would find shops all over that will fix your devices using reballing but there are very few places around the world that can really repair consoles and computers using the reballing process.