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Xbox360 Reballing repair service ( phat consoles )

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For all people who have a Broken Xbox360, whether your system has the famous RROD  three red lights , Two red lights indication an overheating problem - some consoles give two red lights as soon as they start with the fan goes too loud and that I repair as well - Or one read light with an error code , does not display video or sound, why selling your broken system very cheap on Ebay when they can be easily repaired and come back to life and you can enjoy them for many more years ?   for the people who ask why these problems happen just look at the last three pictures and you will see how much dirt under the chip after removing it which cause bad contacts everywhere and that result in all the problems your consoles are suffering and that is why reflow and all other Mickey mouse repairs doen't work because it will keep that dirt and actually makes it worth specially for people who use flux. Unless the chip is removed and all the old solder is cleaned and the dirt that you see there is totally cleaned as well from both the board and the chip the system repair will never be a long lasting repair.

Here I offer you the repair service of your broken system at a flat rate repair for all these problems and with the most advanced computer controlled and the latest in rework technology there is no room for errors, your system will be repaired no matter how bad you think it is, even if you think your GPU chip is bad it still can be replaced (part cost is extra) and your system will work again, this service will include the following:

*  For most motherboard issues like RROD or video issue or error codes   related to graphics, There is only one permanent repair which is removing the graphics chip, reballing it with lead-free soldering balls after completely removing the old solder from the motherboard and then reattaching the rebuilt graphics chip back and that is all included in this repair price, any other repair you read about is just a temporary fix and the problem will come back at any time. THIS REPAIR WILL COME WITH A FULL ONE YEAR WARRANTY AGAINST RROD AND YOU SHOULD NEVER SEE THAT AGAIN FOR YEARS. Many have said that leaded solder is a better material to use for the reballing process, that proved to be untrue, after reballing  hundreds of systems with both leaded and leadfree solder I came to the conclusion that leadfree solder is the right material to use, Beside being environmentally friendly material all systems that I used leadfree solder in them lasted a lot longer than the systems with leaded solder so I will be using leadfree solder in all xbox360 repairs, this material is  compatible to ROSH specifications and it is the original material used by the manufacturer, leaded solder has only one advantage beside being a lot cheaper than leadfree solder which is its low melting point comparing to the leadfree solder which makes it easier to use by most technicians but having in mind that it contains lead which proved to cause cancer leadfree is the right way to go.

* Complete remove the old thermal compound and applying a new layer of MX-2 compound - The best available , much better than Acrylic Silver 5 -to keep your system running cool and prevent overheating.

*   Cleaning or replacing the DVD drive laser assembly (parts not included)   if cleaning did not fix the disc read problem.

* Fully clean the system from dust and clear all blocked ventilation holes for to reduce system heat and prevent overheating problems.

** Many of the older systems the dvd drive door stopped open and close properly and it gets stuck all the time, that problem will be repaired at no extra cost.

** Replacing your entire DVD drive if there is a mechanical problem with the drive itself (part cost is extra).

100% success rate on reballing which means that you are not risking your console or sending it to someone who will try to repair it but might fail, I will always be able to bring your system back to life if your processor and firmware chip is ok even if the motherboard itself is damaged - no matter what the damage is - or the graphics chip is damaged they both can be replaced if needed (parts cost are extra) and you will still keep your firmware and console serial number unchanged!!


There are many online tutorial on repairing xbox360 problems by using unauthorized parts and overheating your system, these are wrong and could cause unreversable damage to your system, this is not what I do, your system with my service will be repaired and your original pars are the parts will be used and no physical alteration to the system or its components will be done.

*People who have banned consoles from live services I can unban your console By replacing your processor, firmware chip and dvd drive controller board, please contact me first before buying the service to know the extra cost of that.

* people with modified consoles or have Jtag installed , this service still apply to them if they have RROD. Jtag doesn't affect the repair procedure and we still can fix them unless the problem is caused by the Jtag wiring or software.

* people who have x-clamp fix installed, I recommend reinstalling the original x-clamp back, no matter how good a repair is it will not last as long as you wish without the original x-clamp, the original x-clamp has five articulating points , replacing it with the x-clamp fix will result in losing the center articulating point which is the most important point and that will result in short life for your system.


Repair parts costs if needed will be extra and you will receive a list of the needed parts if any and their costs, you will have the choice to buy and send them or let me buy them for you after your approval of their costs.


*        95% of the time your system can be repaired without any parts but if your system is one of the other 5% so you will be required to pay for the needed parts and the cost will depend your system model but you will not pay any extra charge for installing any spare parts, usually your system will need parts only if you have reading problem and the parts will be the DVD drive laser assembly or the whole drive , depends on the condition of your drive, also systems with bad motherboards or graphics chips.

The system will be repaired ,fully tested and shipped back within 48 hours of receiving it unless it needs replacing parts and after your approval of the repair it can take up to 10 days to be repaired and shipped back and in this case you will receive a daily update about your system situation until you receive it back.

After more than five years in the field of game systems repairs and upgrades there is no system that cannot be repaired and I will provide a full one year warranty knowing that any systems go through this very advanced repair procedure will last as long as any brand new system if not more .

Your system will be shipped back using FedEx ground or home delivery and the shipping cost will cover only the return shipping so you still have to pay to ship your system to me.

You will receive an email with the address where you will send your system once you make your purchase and you are not required to send any wires or accessories with your system.

The pictures are showing the actual very advanced computer controlled rework station that I use to perform these repairs. * If you have any questions let me know!!


**for repair technicians I don?t sell machines and I don?t sell my profiles so please don?t waste your and my time and ask for that, technical questions are prohibited.


** Leaded solder reballing is much easier for me to do but it only last for few months, if you still prefer leaded solder after all you have read in this listing let me know but that will be at your own responsibility and will not be covered by my one year warranty.


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