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With new iPhone models 8 and up Apple started to use glass battery covers for its phones and more people suffer everyday from damaging not just the screen but also the back cover of their Apple iPhones. With the very expensive repair cost for the back battery cover at Apple stores we wanted to help our customers fix their iPhones that have these issues at a lot more reasonable cost and with a quality that if not better is similar to the original Apple parts.

This service is for iPhone 8, 8 plus,SE, X, XS, XR, XS Max, 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max, 12, 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max, all colors available.

A lot of cellphone repair shops offer this service but they use heat to remove the broken back cover and some use laser machines for that but laser machines are getting advanced everyday and now there is a special machine uses what is called Blue Laser for that purpose. We use the latest blue laser machine to remove the broken back cover and replace it with a new one.

Using heat for this repair is very primitive and damaging to the phone, In order to use heat the phone has to be disassembled and become just an empty back, then you use temperature up to 300 degrees Celsius to burn the glue that attaches the glass to the frame of the phone , the problem is that the phone frame has plastic parts that can get damaged by that high temperature and the frame can go bad because of that in addition completely disassemble the phone means that some screws will not go back in place no matter how good the technician is so the iPhone will simply never be the same again.

On the other hand laser is just a light that penetrate through the glass and can burn the glue without any heat effect using the laser wavelength that is designed specifically for that purpose, blue laser is even more accurate and more powerful in doing this function so it makes removing the broken back battery cover glass much easier and so it is cheaper, and because we use light that can not go through metal parts of the iPhone frame it will never cause any damage to the iPhone internal parts which means that we don't need to disassemble the phone and we don't even need to turn it off, the phone stays intact and the back glass will be replaced while the phone stays on and no heating effect at all and no damage of any kind can happen to the frame and the new part will be installed again and the result will be like a new phone that nothing ever happened to it and even if the back cover gets damaged again we can replace it again and again with ease and safety.

This repair process will be a 24 hours turn around repair and your phone will be shipped back priority mail so you will get your phone back within 3-5 days including shipping time both ways.

We have repaired hundreds of iPhones of every model you see that uses glass back cover .

The pictures you see is some of the phones we repaired and how the machine help up removing the broken glass cover for many different models including iPhone 12 Pro Max.

This service is for customers from the United Sates only. No international orders please.

Please make sure to send us the color of your phone once you order the service.

If you need the screen and the back cover replaced in your phone please let us know and we will give you an estimate cost depends on the condition of your screen and whether it can be refurbished or must be replaced ( Yes we can refurbish your original Apple screen if only the outer glass is broken even if it doesn't respond to touch and that will be very helpful for people who have iPhone 12 , 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max).

Please use the information in the following link to send your phone once you place an order for the service.https://ps3specialist.com/shipping-returns-1/


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