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PS5 HDMI port replacement service

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Just like the PS4 HDMI port replacement service we have done thousands of time to all models of PS4 fat, slim and pro with 100% success and not even a single failure for all our clients and customers business and individuals we now offering the same service for PlayStation 5 consoles.

Just like our PS4 HDMI replacement service , this repair will be done using our computerized machine so it is very safe for the console and very accurate with no possibility of damage to the motherboard traces or the surrounding components to the HDMI connector.

The following video shows our repair process as it is done.

Using a computerized machine soldering means that we use an extremely accurate thermal profile designed specifically for this repair so if we repair ten consoles or a hundred consoles they will all be exposed to the same temperature and take the same time for the repair process to be completed without hand soldering or heat gun like all other repair technicians use. It also means 100% success and grantee the repair results will be exactly like the factory installation process or better and simply no one will be able to tell if the connector in your console was ever replaced or missed around with .

Using a computerized machine in this repair also means that we can do the same repair for the same console unlimited number of times so if you damage the HDMI connector again and again we will be able to fix it for you again and again no matter how many times you damage it without any damage to the motherboard or its traces and that is the real difference between the factory quality computerized machine soldering process and the use of hand soldering , people who use hand soldering for this repair might get it done successfully after multiple attempts and try and error and might get the console to display picture after spending multiple hours trying over and over until it works but if the same connector gets damaged again they won't be able to remove the connector without damaging the traces which becomes very weak after that first repair they have done by hand . Our process doesn't have any hand soldering and soldering iron will not touch the motherboard , the process is entirely done at the machine and all we have to use is a little forceps to remove the damaged connector and place a new one instead and nothing more , the rest will be done automatically by the machine so the traces on the machine stay as strong as if nothing ever happened and that is why we can do the same repair to the same console unlimited number of times .

Our repair procedure is not just very safe and very accurate and has 100% success rate from first time but it also takes 15 minutes or less not like the hand soldering process that can take hours of try and error and has 50% chance of success at the most which makes the risk of loosing your console if the hand soldering process fails very high.

We listed this service only after we have completed the thermal profiles building and testing on so many PS5 consoles to grantee that every console we receive for this service will be repaired perfectly and chances of failure is close to zero percent just like our PS4 HDMI port repair services that we have done for thousands of people and still do.

This service comes with 24 hours turn around so your console will be repaired and shipped back within 24 hours of receiving it.

The service comes with six months warranty against any soldering failure of the connector installed by US but warranty will not cover physical damage to the connector and will not cover packaging and shipping costs.

PlayStation 5 consoles are very valuable and very hard to find or replace so please make sure to package your console very well when you ship it in for repair , don't save few dollars on packaging and end up with a physically damaged console , don't use plastic bags or shredded paper as cushion for your console , that will not protect it from getting damaged in shipping , don't use a cheap old box , if your package costs less that $10-15 its poor and will not protect your console enough , we use brand new shipping box and professional packaging materials to send your console back but if we receive it damaged that will not change or fix the damage that happened.

Protect your investment in such a valuable console by choosing the service that fix your console correctly not just this time but if that connector gets damaged again, HDMI connectors in these consoles just like in PS4 consoles can get damaged multiple times , and please always use a new HDMI cable once you receive your console back ,a damaged HDMI cable will damage the new connector in your console again.

Please use the shipping information in the following link to send your console in once you place an order https://ps3specialist.com/shipping-returns-1/

Please don't use postal service to send your console in, their handling of packages is very bad and their shipping cost will be twice as much the shipping cost of FedEx or UPS.

The pictures you see are for a PS5 console that we received for repair and the HDMI connector was completely missing , it came off but all the traces of the motherboard were intact so we replaced the connector successfully and that console was shipped back fully functional again, we hope we will help more people with the same problem or similar getting their consoles back fully working again. 

International orders are welcome .

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