Nintendo Switch USB-C charging port replacement service

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Nintendo Switch is an expensive hand held gaming device , yet it got a common issue , the USB-C charging port gets damaged very often and its not an easy to replace connector

The USB-C charging port in Nintendo switch has two rows of soldering points , one of them is hidden under the connector so it can not be replaced by hand soldering or by using a soldering iron no matter how good the technician is, he can not get to the hidden row of soldering points under the connector.

So how it is usually done is by using a hot air gun which is very dangerous for the other surrounding components on the motherboard in addition to the risk of the connector comes off with all the traces on the motherboard which will ruin the motherboard and a replacement motherboard is not east to find so you can simply lose your $400+ device because you took the risk and gave it to a non qualified repair shop or a happiest to replace the USB-C charging port .

We decided to offer this service to save people from going into a non qualified repair shop that doesn't have the right machines for such a delicate and highly sensitive repair .

Our replacement process of the USB-C charging port on Nintendo switch is done on a computerized factory style machine that gets the process done without the use of a soldering iron or heat gun and its a 100% perfect and accurate every time with zero% risk to the motherboard or its components.

The pictures you see is for the actual repair process that show you how it is done with high precision and optimum accuracy to get a factory quality repair process.

We use brand new high quality USB-C connectors and we will fully charge your console before sending it back to make sure the process is successful and the new connector is fully functional.

This service is a 72 hours turn around repair process

Why risk your valuable $400+ Nintendo switch that has a damaged charging port while you can have it safely and professionally replaced using a computerized machine repair process that gives you a factory quality repair process and cheaper than any where else?!!

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