PS3 CPU overheating repair

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We offer this service only as an add on to the PS3 GPU reballing service , we want to make sure the consoles will arrive to their owners  in working condition and will be in great working order for a long time and the only way we can grantee that is by getting the GPU reballing done at the same time. We don't want to be in a position where we receive a console that has the YLOD and the owner says that he send it working or we send a console back working and gets the YLOD by the time it arrives just  from handling by the shipping carrier and people blame us for that or think that we did something wrong and send their consoles back broken.  It is in the best interest of our customers and us together to only have this service as an add on to the PS3 GPU Reballing service, you will find the option to add this service at the PS3 GPU Reballing service page.

This service will fix the PlayStation 3 overheating issues that usually cause the cooling fan to run at its highest speed and become very loud , if it gets worse the console will show a message on the screen saying that the console is overheating and will shut down to prevent damage, that is when the console will turn itself off and become unusable.

We do a real repair that eliminates the roots of the problem not a fan replacement or a fan mod. This repair will make the console runs as quite as if there is no fan inside without replacing the original console fan , modifying the fan or adding any parts or components. We just bring it back to its condition the day it was released from the factory.

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No More Loud Ps3!
Written by Marquis Barbee on 24th Jan 2018

Got a loud ps3 fan? Game shut off during 1-2 hours of gameplay? This is the service for you if you have any of these problems! Now I can actually hear my game sound clearly coming through my TV instead of hearing a very loud fan from my ps3!

Reballing for ps3 phat
Written by Vito Galati on 30th Sep 2017

Fast process and worked right out of the box thank you sir.

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