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PS4 PlayStation 4 Full Motherboard transplant service

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This extremely advanced repair service will help people who have a totally damaged PlayStation 4 consoles with the folowing problems :

*Damaged HDMI port traces on the motherboard

*Damaged pads and traces under the APU chip due to failed attempt of reballing

*Motherboard doesn't power on at all, doesn't even accepts power

*Motherboards with severe overheating problem and the red light comes on before the console shuts down

*Consoles with dead motherboard due to liquid damage

*consoles with non functional USB ports that couldn't be repaired by replacing the USB controller IC

*Consoles that can not connect to network or bluetooth and even replacing the onboard wireless and bluetooth card did not fix it

*Motherboards that passed a successful reballiung for the APU but still have the blue light of death or still shuts down.

*Consoles that turns on but will not show any picture even after professionally replacing the HDMI port and the HDMI controller IC

*Consoles that makes three Beebs at start up before shutting down

*Consoles with software problems that leads to reading errors in certain games


* This service will also unlock consoles in Demo mode ( IDU mode ) and bring them back to normal user mode. and they will be just like brand new consoles.

      This service is designed to help people that have important data on their damaged consoles and care more about what they have in the console than the cost of the repair, this service will completey replace the damaged and unrepairable motherboard regardeless of the reason why it is damaged and at the mean time keep all the data and information of the console unchanged and unlost , with this service we will simply implant the damaged motherboard into another fully functional motherboard and we will do that by transferring all the necessary chips from the damaged motherboard to the replacement fully functional motherboard so we can create an exact functional copy of the damaged motherboard to restore the full functionality of the damaged console , the most important condition for the success of this operation is to have a fully functional APU chip that hasn't been killed by heating - by a heat gun or any other heting machine - or has any kind of physical damage, we don't care about most of the motherboard components but there are few chips that have to be in good shape and not affected by the damage happened to the mothrboard in order to acheive a successful tranbsplant and be able to end up with a fully functional console with all the data it had befoe the damage.

       The cost of this service will cover the replacement motherboard and all the labor included in the process so there is no extra cost other than what you pay for the service .

       This service is a time consuming operation that envolves transfering multiple chips from the damaged  motherboard to another fully functional motherboards, it includes multiple reballing processes of multiple chips and multiple advanced soldering processes and due to the amount of work needed to complete the process it takes seven to ten days to complete.

       Due to the high cost of this service and the cost of the parts needed and the long hours of labor envolved and materials used buyers of this service will only get a refund of 50% of their initial payment for unsuccessful repairs which should be very rare.

       We have used this process to save multiple consoles with different issues that were considered unrepairable and we are offering this service to help people in similar situation.

       No hand soldering envolved in any step of the procedure, we use our computerized machines to perform every step and the resulting motherboard will be as new and as good as a motherboard that came out from the manufacturer facilities and no one will be able to tell that this motherboard has been through any damage or repair.


        We really hope to be able with this service to help people who are desperate to get the damged consoles running again without loosing their valuable data and save their valuable investements at the lowest possible cost.

        You are welcome to send any questions about the procedure before making your purchase unless you found in this description answers to all your questions.

        Due to the nature of the service we can not post all the pictures for the chips envolved to prevent coppying of the process by others.

        Bulk rate doesn't apply to this service.


For all questions , please use the form included in About Us page


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