Replacement PlayStation 3 motherboard model CECHA01

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There are always PlayStation 3 consoles that have been damaged beyond repair or consoles that can cost a lot for shipping or people who don't like to send their consoles out to an online business for repair , For all of those and for the people who have been asking for a replacement motherboard so they can get their valuable consoles up and running again, Here it is:

A Fully and perfectly functioning PlayStation 3 Motherboard to replace the damaged motherboard of your console, you can replace yourself within few minutes and have your console up and running again.


This PlayStation 3 motherboard is a Backward compatible that can play PS1, PS2, PS3 games, DVD movies and Blue ray movies, it can also play SACD

The motherboard model is CECHA01 but it can also be used as a replacement motherboard for the CECHA01 and CECHC01 model , you can also use it as a replacement motherboard for a CECHB01 model if you don't install the memory card reader.

This motherboard has a Reballed graphics chip using leaded solder , It has also been treated against overheating so it can always run cool and quite.

The motherboard comes with the matching blue ray drive controller board, all you need is to replace the controller board of your blue ray drive with the included blue ray drive controller board and it will read all the games and movies as described ( the controller board is the electronic board attached to the blue ray drive , its married to the motherboard and can not be replaced by a different one )

The motherboard comes as scene in pictures inside its heat sink, if you take it out of the heat sink you will void the warranty.

Cooling fan is not included, you will need to use the cooling fan from your old motherboard.

The motherboard has been thoroughly tested for perfection and it will come with a full one year warranty to assure its quality .

Warranty doesn't cover any shipping costs.

The motherboard is ready for immediate shipping once an order is placed and PayPal payment is received.

Credit card payments will not be accepted for this item, Only PayPal payments will be accepted.

For any questions abut this item, its installation please use the form in the about us page.

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