Totota, Lexus, Nissan Car navigation board reballing repair service

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Car Navigation board Reballing Repair service

Just another service to help people with broken Navigation system boards to get them fixed the right and long lasting way

Regardless of the car make or model , if you have a navigation system with video issues , this service will fix it for you, the issues can be black screen,  freezing, lines, split screen , bad colors, pixilation, distortion or any other video issues 

This service is to Reball both the main graphics processor chip and the processor on the navigation board and bring it back to its original manufacturer condition again.

Why spend hundreds on a new board if you we can fix yours and make it as good as new again ?!!

24 hours turn around, six months warranty

The pictures are for the actual repair process to you can see how the board will be repaired and why this procedure will make it as good as new again.

Reballing is a Remanufacturing process of the broken chip which is a long tern repair that will last years not a temporary repair that can last days.

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